Virtual Reality has proven to be a effective training tool!

Virtual Reality Training South Africa

Virtual Reality Training offer big cost saving and safety benefits for Companies
Virtual Reality Training South Africa

The most natural way for humans to learn is to learn inside a 3D environment. A 2D environment have several limitations which 3D Virtual Reality training doesn’t have. In a 3D environment you can explore objects from all angles and with Virtual Reality included into the mix students can touch the objects, pick it up, move it around and interact with these objects and the environment inside a safe environment.

Virtual Reality Training in South Africa is still in its infancy and we estimate that many more companies will adapt it soon. The top reasons why companies should consider training their employees in Virtual Reality is to safe costs and to provide a safe training environment.

Virtual Reality Training South Africa Save Costs

Companies can dramatically save costs by training employees inside virtual reality.

Let’s take fire training as an example. To create a realistic fire training scenario, one must burn physical objects for people to learn how to distinguish fires. All fires are not the same some might be chemical related and others not. The way to fight these fires are different and people need to be trained on how to differentiate between different fire techniques, when it is safe to enter a building and when it is not safe.

We could recreate all the different firefighting training and techniques into a Virtual Reality experience like real firefighting training and companies can train their personnel in these environments and safe a lot on the costs of getting a fire marshal out and backup firefighters and the cost of bringing physical stuff.


We can train anyone in any situation anywhere – here is a example of fire training in virtual reality inside a warehouse.


With virtual reality you can train anyone at anytime in any location.

Virtual Reality Training South Africa Safe Training Environments

Virtual reality based training is an interactive and immersive teaching method that employs virtual reality technology to provide virtual scenarios that simulate real life situations that might occur in actual settings in a safe environment.

In virtual reality we can switch to highly dangerous or hazardous situations and environments in a blink of an eye. The student know that these situations are simulated and that they are in a safe environment. These students skills can be tested to see how they will act and respond to these dangerous or hazardous situations. We can test the students and train them to deal with these situations in safe and responsible manner.


Employees can be trained in Virtual Reality and their response to the environment and training  can be measured.


We can use virtual reality to train people to face their fears of heights. It can also be tested to see if employees have a fear of heights if their job involves heights.

Virtual Reality Training South Africa - Highly effective training

In virtual reality a person can be trained at his own pace. If a person struggles with a particular experience or if the person is a slow learner. They can practice inside virtual reality until they can move to the next level.

virtual-trainingEmployees can learn advance course ware at their own pace. Generally people are more focused in virtual reality and learn easier.

training-in-virtual-realityWe found that people immersed into a virtual reality training environment learn more effectively inside a virtual reality environment than what they would in a class room.

If you want more information on Virtual Reality Training in South Africa or need more information on how we can develop a virtual reality training solution for you. Talk to us today!

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