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Virtual Reality Game Development South Africa

We are proud to be a South African Virtual Reality Game Development company!
Virtual Reality Game Development

VR 360 develop Virtual Reality games. We have created several games for companies to gamify their product offerings and services. We developed an educational gaming experience to teach people more about science and to showcase how virtual reality gaming can be used to train and educate people in real life. We have also been working on our own virtual reality game which will be available on STEAM soon one of the largest online gaming distribution platforms in the world.

Some of the Virtual Reality Games that we developed. We are proud to be a South African virtual reality development company!

Here is a list of some of the virtual reality games that we’ve developed

Custom Virtual Reality Game Development – Seeing is Believing

On the left side is a screenshot of a custom virtual reality game development that we created for idmi for one of their clients. In the game you start at the bottom of a city. The player looks around and can see people walking in the city. a Big billboard with the clients logo’s on it and some card driving around in the city.

The player then has to walk into an elevator that took them to the top floor. Inside the elevator we also placed some of the brands logos.  Once the player got out on the top floor they had to face their fear and walk out on a plank.

This Virtual Reality Game was developed as a white label game specifically designed for companies that want’s to do a custom virtual reality branded experience at events or activation and can be re branded for any company .


Custom Virtual Reality Game Development – ABSA Bank VR experience

We created a custom developed virtual reality game experience for ABSA bank. ABSA wanted to promote their ABSA Rewards to clients across the country as part of Mall activation.

The idea was to create a relaxing environment inside a beach house where clients had to find hidden ABSA rewards and in a fun way explore and learn about ABSA rewards.

The virtual reality game was time based, and clients had 3 minutes to play the game. The virtual reality game was a huge success.


Custom Virtual Reality Game Developer – Standard Bank VR experience

We developed a Custom Virtual Reality game experience for Standard Bank South Africa. The idea of the game was to immerse people into a Standard Bank branch and to allow them to explore the bank.

People could walk through the bank and interact with objects inside the bank. The Virtual Reality game was developed precisely on the Bedfordview Standard Bank branch even the furniture in the game was exactly the same as what you will get inside the bank.

The purpose of the game was to show clients how online banking can make their lives easier.


Custom Virtual Reality Game Experience

We recently created a Virtual Reality game for ACGO and Massey Ferguson. The concept of the virtual reality experience was to showcase the Farm in a Box concept and to assist them with an activation in Germany to showcase their product.

We created a helicopter that transported the container to the potential farm. The helicopter dropped off the container in front of the client. While the helicopter flew closer the client got introduced to the concept. The container got dropped off, and then the key features of the concept got introduced to the player. Like the Massey Ferguson tractor and the implements.  The player could then go inside the container and explore the product and it’s content. After exploring the container inside the player could explore the farm.


African Adventure Virtual Reality Game Experience

We have developed the African Adventure game as part of our custom virtual reality game experiences. The game can be custom branded so that companies can offer their clients a virtual reality experience connected to their brand.

In the game clients can zip line through a typical savanna scene and see some animals that is typically found in Africa and more specific South Africa. For more information on the African Adventure game you can visit Virtual Reality Arcade Games.


Virtual Reality Game Experience – Face your Fears

We developed the Tall Town virtual reality game. Seeing is believing and there is nothing like VR and the fear of heights to show the power of virtual reality. This is a game that we have developed that shows people the power of virtual reality. If you want to wow your clients, get them to remember your event and give them something to talk about then this is the game.

The game can be custom branded and have various options where you can add your logos to the game. This game is ideal for last moment clients that wants a custom branded virtual reality game for their event!


Virtual Reality Game Experience – Online Smartphone Banking

As part of the Standard Bank Virtual Reality experience that we developed we created custom game experiences inside the overall experience. In this experience players learned more about online banking and had to complete a online transaction in Virtual Reality to learn how it works.

We created the BEACH experience to show clients how they can be in a different country and how they can bank online as if they were still in South Africa. Players were rewarded afterwards with the opportunity to hit golf balls into the ocean.


Virtual Reality Game Experience – Cake Baking Game

How would you like to practice your Cake Baking skills? As part of the Standard Bank virtual reality game experience we developed a Baking Game. In the game players had to bake a cake and also at the same time learn about online smartphone banking.

We developed the game and people had to pickup the ingredients, pour it together and bake a cake halfway through the experience the electricity went off. The game showed clients that instead of rushing to the bank to make the payment they could purchase prepaid electricity using their smartphones.


Virtual Reality Game Experience – TenPin Bowling

We developed a custom virtual reality tenpin bowling game for Standard Bank as part of the online smartphone banking virtual reality application. The idea of the game was to give clients something fun to do while learning about Standard Bank online smartphone banking at the same time.

After clients learned about the Online Smartphone Banking app while physically interacting with their virtual smartphone they could play a full game of tenpin bowling in Virtual Reality.


Virtual Reality Game – Dangerous Dinosaurs

The dangerous dinosaurs is another Virtual Reality game that we have developed. In the game players start on a small row boat and they slowly move down the river. While they move down the river they see various types of the most popular dinosaurs. This slowly immerse them into the experience to the point that they believe what they see is real. To provide an adrenaline rush and to showcase the power of virtual reality their is a waterfall at the end of the game.

This is a awesome experience for clients to show at events and product activation and can be custom branded with the clients logos and branding. For more information you can visit VR Arcade Games.


Virtual Reality Game – Mars Mines

This is the ideal game to introduce friends and clients to high-end virtual reality. The purpose of this game is to show the power of virtual reality and how your mind can be tricked into experiencing something to be real which are not!

In this game players start on Mars on a high building. They can see the beautiful skies, stars and some other buildings we placed on Mars. There is even a space ship or two. After observing the beautiful Mars skies the player is then directed to move into the elevator behind them. Instead of going up they go down in the mines of mars!

For more information on the Virtual Reality game you can visit Virtual Reality Arcade Games.


Virtual Reality Game – Karaoke Game

This is a screenshot of the Virtual Reality Karaoke Game that we have developed for DSTV Compact events. DSTV is the broadcaster for Idols and they were looking for a Karaoke game to be used as part of their activation.

This karaoke virtual reality game was being used at the actual IDOLS broadcasts at the State Theater in Pretoria.

In the game players had to sing Karaoke games and then got judge by judges. We had so much fun during the activations and found it surprisingly how good some people can sing!


Virtual Reality Game – Golf Game Experience

We developed the Gary Player Golf Club experience in association with BlackLight advertising agency. To understand the awesomeness of this experience you have to visit the Gary Player Golf Club at Suncity in real life. We modeled the virtual reality experience to the teeth on the actual Suncity Gary Player Golf Club and added some additional awesomeness to it!

In the experience players can look at and pickup the Nedbank Golf Challenge trophy and view it from all sides. They can then walk to the wall of fame and view previous winners from the event, and also watch a highlight clip of each of these players! To make it even more impressive Gary Player himself narrated the experience!


Virtual Reality Game – Education Game

We developed a Science Experiment that can be played in Virtual Reality. The game was developed for Extramarks one of the biggest online education platforms in India. In the game a teacher teaches players how to do the copper sulfate and iron experiment.

This virtual reality educational game is proof of concept that pupils can learn better in 3D than from a text book. We placed children and adults in the Virtual Reality Science game and afterwards we gave them the real stuff in the real world to do the experiment on their own. Without fail the students could perform the experiment in real life by just learning how to do it in Virtual Reality.


Virtual Reality Game – DSTV Virtual Reality Game

We developed another Virtual Reality Game and experience for DSTV South Africa. DSTV is the largest South African paid satellite broadcast television company in South Africa.

In the virtual reality game experience players can watch Box Office trailers and explore how box office works. People can watch DSTV on 5 different types of devices with one subscription and they wanted people to experience it. In the first experience people were immersed into a giant living room movie theater and they could watch the Box Office trailers on a big screen or on the 5 devices.


Virtual Reality Game – In the City Virtual Reality Game

The DSTV game consisted of multiple Virtual Reality games and experiences. To demonstrate that you can view DSTV anywhere we created a city game experience where clients could watch DSTV at the bus stop while waiting for transport. In the bus on their Tablet or Smartphone while using public transport.

We modeled the city and also a bus to look like one of the Gautrain buses to make the experience more authentic.


Virtual Reality Game – NEC XON Alternative Energy

The DSTV game consisted of multiple Virtual Reality games and experiences. To demonstrate that you can view DSTV anywhere we created a city game experience where clients could watch DSTV at the bus stop while waiting for transport. In the bus on their Tablet or Smartphone while using public transport.

We modeled the city and also a bus to look like one of the Gautrain buses to make the experience more authentic.

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