We have professional Virtual Reality Events teams to assist companies in South Africa with their Virtual Reality Events and VR Activation!

Virtual Reality Activation and Virtual Reality Events Team

Virtual Reality Events Team

Here at VR 360 we are very proud of our Virtual Reality Activation and Virtual Reality Events team.

For us it is important to give each person that experience Virtual Reality for the first time an awesome experience. We have learned through our mistakes that you cannot just cold hire virtual reality equipment to a events company and think that they will know how the VR equipment works and how to give their clients an awesome first time Virtual Reality experience.

Virtual Reality is an awesome technology for corporate companies to use for their marketing campaigns and events if it is done correctly! Our focus with our Virtual Reality Activation Events Team is to make sure that everything works at your event. They are specifically trained on basic troubleshooting the equipment so that when something goes wrong, they can fix it to continue the experience with minimum delay.

Our Virtual Reality Activation Team is also there to maintain the hygiene of the virtual reality headsets and they are trained to keep the equipment hygienic. Our Virtual Reality team is focused on the person that they assist with and is not there to sell your products, please don’t expect them to, they will gladly send people interested in your products to one of your sales people.

Our Virtual Reality Activation teams are friendly and helpful and focus on the Virtual Reality experience and assisting the person in VR at all time giving them the ultimate VR experience each and every time.

Our Virtual Reality Events Team is Passionate about their work!

It is of utmost importance to us that your clients have the ultimate VR experience every time! If we make your event a success it means that you are going to make use of our services again!















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