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More About VR360

When innovative minds come together.

Here at VR360 we see ourselves as pioneers in the Virtual Reality space, we have been involved in virtual reality since 1998, when we created one of the first “Google Street views” like map systems. We mapped several cities and from the map you could go into the streets and view panorama images “similar to google streetview” during this time we also mapped the inside of businesses and people could walk from the street into several restaurants, guesthouses, hardware stores and computer shops. We also mapped Events, concerts and airshows, which allowed people from anywhere to view these events and capturing the history of such events.

Obstacles in Virtual Reality

“Everyone who seen the virtual reality stuff at the time, thought that it was really cool” – However technology at the time made this awesome technology almost worthless since there was no easy way to distribute the content to a large audience.

  • There was no easy way to distribute content to the masses.
  • Internet speeds did not permit the easy distribution of Virtual Reality.
  • Camera systems had low resolutions and image sizes where big and fussy.
  • Equipment was very expensive.
  • a lack of computing power made it difficult to render images and video.

Smartphones changed EVERYTHING for Virtual Reality

Well almost everything, today’s smartphones are very clever devices and most have more processing power than almost any pc that came from the 90’s. Mobile phone screen technology have also advanced in such a way that some smartphone screens today are much higher quality than the average television or computer screen. Smartphone developers have revolutionized the way that people communicate and view content over the world and it is mainly because of these advancements that Virtual Reality is now mainstream and accessible to anyone in the world with access to a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Some Smartphone Technology we needed to make Virtual Reality a Reality

  • High Quality Camera and Video Camera’s – Now every one has it in their hands, some people all the time! – There was a time that we didn’t walk around with camera’s
  • GPS Systems – Most smartphones today comes standard with GPS systems
  • Gyroscope – an important technology allowing us to move the scene and move with the scene when turning your smartphone up or down.

Virtual Reality Software and Applications

Here at VR360 we have developed our own software and software solutions for virtual reality, we also stayed up to date with other Virtual Reality Software companies products and solutions and can offer clients some of the simplest or most advanced virtual reality solutions.

VR Hardware

Here at VR360 we have developed our own Virtual Reality hardware and also teamed up with pioneers in 3D Printing, 3D Product development and additive manufacturing to design and create our own Virtual Reality Glasses, Virtual Reality Hardware and camera systems. To enable us to create virtual reality content, virtual tours and virtual reality software solutions.

About Us

We have extensive experience in Virtual Reality and Virtual Reality Software development and application. We also have experience with the various hardware options available in virtual reality. Our knowledge fused with passion drives our interest in virtual reality it is something that we are extremely passionate about. If you want to get involved in virtual reality talk to us and perhaps we can find a way forward that could be mutual beneficial.