VR360 is one of the leaders in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality in South Africa. We have been in the Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality space since 1998

We are a virtual reality and augmented reality agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We serve local, national and international customers around the world with world class Virtual Reality Hardware and Virtual Reality Software solutions.

We create 360° Video’s, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions and can consult and help you to implement your own virtual reality / Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality solution

What is Virtual Reality?

In essence Virtual Reality is something similar to the real world, it could even be the real world. The difference is that you can experience this world “The virtual world” through a device usually a virtual reality headset, it could also be a virtual reality room, simulator, computer, mobile phone or tablet.

You then use this technology to immerse yourself into the Virtual Reality and the result is that you experience a world, game, film etc as reality without being physically there.

The awesome part is that your brain tricks you into believing that you are at the place you are seeing.

Virtual Reality is simply an Awesome way of seeing “Anything” without being physically there…

The 3rd Party video below is a good introduction video to Virtual Reality. We highly recommend that you watch the video to get a better understanding of Virtual Reality

What do we do?

We create high-end high quality Virtual Reality experiences from scratch, below you will find the wide range of services we offer.

Our services

VR360 News

Explore the latest in VR/AR innovation with VR360 News, a leader in immersive technologies since 1998. Discover our world-class solutions and insights, connecting you to the forefront of virtual and augmented reality from Johannesburg to the globe.

VR360 Television Interviews about Virtual Reality in South Africa

CNBC Africa Finweek – Interview with Gerald Ferreira founder of VR360

Tumisho Grater CNBC Africa Anchor talks to VR360 founder Gerald Ferreira about Virtual Reality in South Africa

In this interview we talk about some of the Industries that is making use of Virtual Reality. We also showcase some of our products like the Google Inspired VR360 Google Cardboard, Virtual Reality Headsets and the Virtual Reality 360° camera that we have developed

360° Video – The Frenzy Television Show

We have been invited by the Frenzy Television show on ETV to talk about Virtual Reality in South Africa.
During the show we recorded the interview in a 360° video. Below you can watch the interview in 360 Degree Video.

This 360° video gives you a behind the scenes view of the Frenzy and Craze studio and how they record a show.