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We help companies setup their own internal virtual reality experience centers, solution centers or VR arcades! - We also help with Virtual Reality Events planning and execution!
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VR 360 provides Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Consulting Services. If you appoint a 3D Party or want to start a virtual reality business, you might need someone with experience to see if the company you are employing is providing you with the correct virtual reality solutions. Or if you are starting your own virtual reality department within your organization you might want a 3rd party to assist with the start-up process.

Virtual Reality Experience Development and Consulting Services

Virtual Reality is quickly becoming the technology that wins awards at Trade Conferences and Industry Events. We have on numerous occasions assisted companies to win Best Stand of the Show, Most advanced Technology at Event etc. Virtual Reality if done right draws people to your business.

We can facilitate the complete virtual reality experience or advice and consult on what works and what not! We can develop experiences from scratch or assist with your own internal development of Virtual Reality solutions.


Virtual Reality Experience Centers and Internal Virtual Reality solutions.

Many companies have immovable assets or simply do not have the physical capability of showcasing their equipment, projects, services or spaces at their head offices. We create experience rooms where these technologies, products and services can be showcased using virtual reality and augmented reality.

We assist businesses with setting up these virtual reality experience centers or we consult to companies providing them with best practices on how to establish these virtual reality centers.


Planning a Virtual Reality Event need some advice?

If you are curious to find out how you can use Virtual Reality at your events or use it to activate a new service or product we can assist. You may employ a different company for the actual work, or decide to use our services. We can assist and consult on best practices, help brainstorm ideas or keep the project independently on track. Talk to us today if you are planning a virtual reality event and we can assist making it spectacular.


360° Video Consulting Services

Want to find out how 360° video can help your business with marketing or training or internal operations? We can help with the Pro’s and Con’s of using virtual reality and 360° video as a business, training or marketing tool. We can assist with advice on  the integration, distribution and hosting of these or best practices when creating 360° video, filming best equipment to use and scripting.

We physically own many of these 360° Cameras and can independently provide consulting services on which ones are the best for your organization and can physically demo these cameras if needed.


Virtual Reality Equipment Consulting Services.

There is a wide range of Virtual Reality Equipment on the market. We have experience in most of the best commercial virtual reality equipment on the market. If you need assistance with choosing which Virtual Reality equipment is best for your business talk to us and we can assist you with making the best choice before investing in Virtual Reality Equipment. We also have a demo room available where you can test the equipment before you purchase the equipment.


Matterport South Africa Virtual Reality Consulting Services.

If you are considering purchasing a Matterport Scanner for your Real Estate Business and needs to view a demo of the Matterport Scanner or to analyze if you should purchase the Matterport Scanner or should use external services we can assist you with making the decision and also help with Business strategy and integration of the Matterport Scanner into your business.


Want to move Virtual Reality Services in house?

We help businesses setup their own internal virtual reality services. Many companies want to do their own 360° video production or high-end virtual reality development but do not know where to start or do not have the internal expertise for a specific project. VR360 provide these services on a Freelance basis or can consult with your company to help get your own internal Virtual Reality services setup.

If you are looking for a specific service relating to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality and you do not see it on our pages, talk to us I am sure that we can assist!

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