Today we used some of the best Professional Grade 360 Cameras in the world to create 360° video!


We were the 1st company in South Africa to produce a 360° video
More about 360° video

VR 360 is the fist company in South Africa that created a 360° Video back in 2012. We developed our own 360° camera and used it for the fist time at the Johannesburg International Motor show in 2012. As far as we know this was the first 360° video to be commercially created in South Africa at the time.

Today we rarely use the 360° cameras that we have developed although we are nostalgic about it we use professional commercial graded cameras.

Our 360° Video Cameras and 360° Filming Capabilities

Below is some of the 360° Cameras that we own and use to create professional 360° video for commercial use.



Above is two pictures of the 360° Camera system which we created. These 360° camera rigs were upgrades to our first 360° camera rig that we developed.

8K Insta 360 Pro 2 360° Video Camera

The Insta360 Pro 2 Camera is considered a professional 360° video camera. We recently purchased this camera to add to our 360° video capability. The Insta360 Pro 2 camera can take 7680 x 3840 @30 fps HDR (8K 2D) and 7680 x 7680 @30 fps (8K 3D) shots at 30 fps and 7680 x 3840 @60 fps (8K 2D) and 6400 x 6400 @60 fps (6K 2D/3D) at 60 fps and 4K footage at an incredible 3840 x 3840 @120 fps (4K 2D/3D Binning) which makes it ideal for Corporate, Motor racing, wildlife or Sport 360° videos.

Being a professional 360° camera and expensive there is only a handful of these in South Africa and we are proud to be one of the 360° video producers in South Africa that owns one of these cameras! If you are looking for someone to shoot a 360° video for you in South Africa make sure that they will be using this camera or something similar for optimal footage!


The camera comes with a Far Sight adapter allowing us to remotely control the camera and allow our directors to view the shots in real time as they film. The camera can stream live to Facebook, YouTube or a private server and can also be mounted to a drone for aerial footage.

360° Videos that we have produced

These are some of the 360° Videos that we have produced unfortunately due to Non Disclosure agreements we cannot display all our work here.

Gerald Ferreira our CEO being interviewed by Dan Nyabadza from The 1873 FM Radio Station. You can watch this video to get a better understanding of 360° video, our company and Virtual Reality.

360° Video shoot for the Nelson Mandela Children Fund – Shot with the Insta360 Pro camera

360° Video for Insurance Company introducing their new product to clients. We shot this with a Samsung Gear 360° Camera

360° Video Candid Mercedes-Bens A Class AMG test drive – Shot with Samsung Gear VR 360° camera

360° Video Mahindra Thar Off Road Drive – Shot with GoPro Fusion

The above video is part of a series of 360° video that we created at the Jaguar Simola Hill climb – Shot on our GoPro Action Camera 360° rig.

360° Video Sharks and cheetahs playing rugby in Durban – Shot on Samsung Gear 360° Camera

360° Video Corporate Internal Communications – Shot on the GoPro Fusion 360° camera.

BCX Data Center Tour

Groot FM 360° Video showing what Groot FM looks like – Video Shot on GoPro 360° video rig

360° video of my wedding – shot on a Samsung Gear VR 360° video camera

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