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Matterport South Africa Virtual Tour Photography and Scanning

VR 360 uses Matterport Scanners to create professional Virtual Tours. Matterport is the best commercial Virtual Tour scanner in the world and is known for its high-quality virtual tours. We have purchased the Matterport PRO 2 Virtual Tour camera and scanner and use it to create our virtual tours and virtual tours for our clients.…

VR 360 uses Matterport Scanners to create professional Virtual Tours. Matterport is the best commercial Virtual Tour scanner in the world and is known for its high-quality virtual tours. We have purchased the Matterport PRO 2 Virtual Tour camera and scanner and use it to create our virtual tours and virtual tours for our clients.


Virtual Tour Photography and 3D Scanning

Our Matterport Virtual Reality Scanning service create immersive virtual tours of existing spaces and infrastructure. The images from the Matterport Scanner can be used to create virtual tours and 3D Models of these spaces.

These spaces can then be published onto websites where clients can walk through the business, property or infrastructure to get a clear understanding of how the space looks. This technology allows web site visitors or any one viewing the virtual tour to get a clear picture of how exactly the space looks like in Reality.

To further compliment the services and at an additional cost we can provide BIM data as well as actual measurements of the space or property that we scanned using the Matterport Scanner. We can also create floor plans from the scanner and produce still traditional photographs from the scan.

  • Be used as marketing material by Architects, Engineers, Schools, Restaurants, Real Estate agents and any business with immovable assets that wants to showcase their properties, spaces or infrastructure.
  • Replace thousands of photos with immersive 3D Spaces for complete, efficient communication linked to each other through links allowing easy navigation from one point to the other.
  • Solve disputes and handle RFIs faster and more efficiently with higher context.
  • Reduce site visits for owners, architects or any stakeholder by having a true to live view of the space, infrastructure and property.
  • Enhance your remote quality control process
  • Get finished point clouds within hours of scanning, zero post processing
  • Deliver best-in-class turnover packages with finished project scans linked to asset information Matterport saves 80% of the time it takes to measure a space and more than doubles the speed of modeling in BIM or CAD.

South African Virtual Tours created with the Matterport 3D Scanner

Below is some samples of our work. We are one of the leading Matterport South African Virtual Tour photography companies in South Africa.

Matterport Virtual Tour Property Development

Here is a Virtual Tour that we have created for a Private Property Developer. Virtual Tours is the ideal platform to sell properties online. People (Agents and Home Buyers) can walk through the property as if they are there and immediately decide if they are interested in the property or not, saving time and money.

Virtual Tours can expose a property to thousands of people without even one visiting the property physically. This saves money, and could potentially help to sell a house faster and at a higher price.

Matterport Virtual Tour of a South African Business

Virtual Tours can help showcase your business infrastructure. We created a virtual tour of the Super Quick Tyre fitment centre located in Pretoria South Africa. The lesser purpose of the Virtual Tour is to showcase the business to clients but more importantly to get the Business into Google Maps.

Google Maps is part of Google’s core services and millions of people use it globally and in South Africa daily. Virtual Tours can be published into Google Street View resulting that a business will rank higher in a specific area on Google than a business that is not using Virtual Tours as part of their marketing strategy!

Virtual Tours have the potential to make your business more visible to clients!

Matterport Automotive Car Dealership Virtual Tour South Africa

Virtual Tours can be used to boost your business ranking in Google. Google Maps is one of the most used Google products and Google Street View features Virtual Tours of businesses. Google is a computer and uses Algorithms to determine your business rankings in the search engines. When you are in a competitive business like Car Dealerships the higher  you rank the more visible your business becomes.

Sometimes Virtual Tours is not just to showcase your infrastructure but to provide you with an edge over your competition in Search Engines.

Virtual Tours have the potential to make your business more visible to clients!

Industrial Virtual Tour Matterport Scan South Africa

Here is one of our industrial Matterport Virtual Tour scans. Sometimes it is impossible to show your infrastructure to clients without flying them in or getting them to your business. This is a good example of how business can use Virtual Tours to showcase infrastructure and processes without having to physically bring clients to their infrastructure.

The Matterport scan that we did here can be used to showcase potential clients how past work and infrastructure looks like. It can also be used to explain the processes and can be viewed in Virtual Reality headsets like Google Cardboard, HTC VIVE and Samsung Gear. The Virtual Tours can also be used on websites.

Matterport Virtual Tours for Guest Houses in South Africa

People are generally more confident to book accommodation if they can see what the Guesthouse looks like before they make a booking. In the past people have cheated with wide angle lenses to make a room appear bigger in traditional photographs than what they really are and also to take photos of only the best parts that the Guesthouse or hotel has to offer.

With Virtual Tours it is hard to hide something from your audience while at the same time a awesome tool if you don’t have anything to hide. It can dramatically increase your booking by letting people see exactly what your Guest House looks like, and reduce disappointment when people book at your establishment and find out that you misrepresented your Guesthouse.

Matterport Virtual Tours for Renting Property

Want to rent out your property? Use our Matterport Virtual Tour scanning service to create a virtual tour and use it to market your property online. Sometimes the Property might already have tenants in and they are not always available when you have people that want to come and view the property. In many cases it is frustrating and an invasion of privacy when people interested in the property walk through your property. Virtual Tours can be viewed online without people having to be at the property to know if they are interested or not.

You can also keep the virtual tours on record if your property gets damaged you can show the client what the property looked like before they took occupation of the property and that they need to return it in the same condition.

Matterport Virtual Tours Selling Properties online

Virtual Tours help sell houses faster, clients can view the properties they are interested online and in Virtual Reality glasses before they visit the property to see if they like the property or not. This not only save money for the Real Estate agent but also time. The person selling the house also do not need to be at the house every time a agent want to bring clients to the property. It helps eliminate serious buyers from people simply not interested in the property.

Virtual Tours also add some degree of security to selling your property online. Many criminals go to open houses and when physically walking through the property they steal ornaments and stuff they can fit in their pockets.

Floor plans of the properties and businesses that we scan with the Matterport Scanner

As a optional service we can create floor plans of the Property, Space or Business when we scan the space.