Property for Sale Virtual Tour

September 4, 2014 GeraldFerreira

Property for Sale Virtual Tour

Virtual Reality and Virtual Tours makes absolutely business sense for Property Developers and Real Estate agents that wants to sell properties online. Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality allows estate agents to showcase their property stock to potential buyers on the internet or in Virtual Reality using Google Cardboard VR Headsets or VR Headsets like the Samsung Gear 360 or Oculus Rift VR Headset.

The estate agent or property developer can also showcase Virtual Tours of his/her Property Stock directly to clients using his/her Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phone, IPhone, Virtual Reality Headset, Android devices and even Television Screens.

Potential clients can view the virtual tours from anywhere they want to, or the Real Estate agent can be discreet and only send it to select customers.

Real Estate Virtual Reality Tours

Today technology and specifically the internet plays a more important role than ever in marketing property and selling property online than ever before. Just look around you, everybody seems to be connected to the internet and stuck into their phones. These phones are the perfect means to use technology to your companies advantage and sell real estate via virtual reality to the masses.

If you are a experienced real estate agent using technology and online media to sell your properties that if you advertise a property without pictures, it is less likely to sell. It is most likely not getting the same interest than properties with images. Virtual Reality works more or less the same, if you have a virtual reality tour of your properties for sale you will get much more hits, than you will get when only using images. Virtual Reality Property tours, also eliminates time waist, since clients can see the property almost the same way as they would if they have actually visited the property.

Utilizing the power of the internet, Virtual Reality Tours can give your company the edge you need to stay ahead in this fast paced industry. (And not even just the edge, it can take your business to the next level considering all the advantages – Virtual Reality Property Tours can help you double-up on your commission)

Here at VR360 we make it easy for Real Estate agents like you to give your clients the most powerful marketing tool available today and in the future.

  • Your Properties / Rentals / Developments / Stands and Commercial property rentals can be shown 24/7/365 to an unlimited number of prospective buyers online.
  • The number of prospective home buyers that begin their search for a new homes / rentals / commercial property online is increasing every minute and will only increase in the future as generation x and millenniums enter the home owners market.

Real Estate companies catering for high-end properties can often market listings more successfully with Virtual Tours; this is especially valuable when it comes to getting new listings.

Make your listings really stand-out online and let your clients (and future clients) know you will go the extra mile in marketing their property.

What VR360 includes with their Basic Virtual Reality Tours:

  • Digitally enhanced “still photograph” of exterior of property for use on online or print.
  • Correction of overall lighting conditions, color balancing and touch-ups of imperfections.
  • Significant enhancements such as digitally adding views through windows and “spot” corrections.
  • If you want professional photographs and Virtual Tours, look no further, Virtual Tours will put you ahead of the rest.
  • Talk to us today and let us help you to move into the virtual reality online marketing space, we can create custom VR Solutions that fit your business needs.

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