Isuzu KB Single Cab Virtual Tour

August 29, 2014
August 29, 2014 GeraldFerreira

Isuzu KB Single Cab Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours offer users an easy way to view products online, experiencing products similar to what they will in real life. Here is an example of the Isuzu KB Single Cab, this virtual tour allows you to see the interior of the car as if you were sitting inside it.

Watch the Isuzu KB Single Cab Virtual Tour

You can watch the Isuzu KB Single Cab Virtual Tour in your browser, on a phone, tablet and also in virtual reality glasses like the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

(Click and hold down the left mouse button on the 360° Virtual Tour above, and move left or right to interact with the Isuzu KB Single Cab pick-up)

Online interaction with products is quite different from interacting with a product in real life. Yet one of the Advantages is that the end user is able to interact with the image and manipulate it however they see fit, giving them more of an idea of what the product actually looks like as if they were standing right there looking at it!.

Advantages of 360° Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality

  • Virtual Tours allows us to simulate reality in a Virtual Reality environment, allowing the end user to interact with the product similar to what they would in real life.
  • A visitor can now “Get into the Isuzu KB Single Cab” and have a more realistic view of the Interior of the car from anywhere using his android enabled device, smartphone, desktop, laptop or Ipad.

More Advantages of 360° Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Headset provides even more realistic interaction

virtual-reality-headset Learn more about the Virtual Reality Headset

  • Recent innovation in Virtual Reality enables people to interact even more realistically with Products like the Isuzu KB Double Cab pick-up. Users can now use the Virtual Reality headset to view the interior of the Isuzu KB Double Cab using Motion. (You physically look up, down, left or right, and by turning around you can see the inside of the cab literally 360° all round).

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