Above is a Virtual Tour of the Mercedes-Benz Cargo Bedfordview Dealership. You can walk through the dealershio and see their awesome dealership infrastructure and impressive Mercedes-Benz stock. The Mercedes-Benz Cargo Dealership in Bedfordview is one of the best Mercedes-Benz Dealerships in South Africa.

If you are looking for a Mercedes-Benz car, Mercedes-Benz Cargo is our dealership of choice!

Check out the 360° Video of a Mercedes-Benz AMG 45 Test Drive

What does two ladies alone in a fast car sound like? We created this short video, a test drive of a Mercedes-Benz AMG 45. The idea of the video was simply to showcase the incredible sound the Mercedes-Benz AMG engine makes, as well as the performance of the car.

360 Video is much more exciting than traditional video, and makes an awesome tool for marketers that wants to let their customers experience their products realistically online!

In the past 360° video, and virtual tours were limited to websites only. Recently Facebook and YouTube opened the technology to the world. Allowing webmasters and marketers to post their 360° video directly to Facebook and YouTube. They can then embed the video from Facebook and YouTube in their websites as well.

The 360° video above was embedded using the Facebook embedded video function. This allow people to easily share the video to their own timelines and profiles, or to comment on the video.

This is the 360° Video that we created of the Mercedes-Benz stand at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2013. The 360° video allows you to walk through the Mercedes-Benz stand at the motor show, you can look up, down, left or right and pause the video to get a better look of the cars that were on display at the show!

Want to see more 360° Videos from the Johannesburg Motor Show

We have filmed several 360° Videos at the Johannesburg Motor Show, for more videos go to our page on the Johannesburg Motor Show.

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