Here is the Virtual Tour that we created for the Amid Motorcycle Show. In the virtual tour above you can walk from side to side through the Amid Motorcycle Show as if you were there. You can immerse yourself into the event by wearing your Virtual Reality Headset or Google Cardboard device. It will allow you to look up, down, left and right as if you were physically at the show. You can look at the links to move from one scene to another.

About AMID – The Association of Motorcycle Importers and Distributors in South Africa

The Association of Motorcycle Importers and Distributors (AMID) is the association of the official motorcycle industry in South Africa. It was founded in 1985 by Bruce Johnston and from the outset, existed to promote the interests of the motorcycle industry in South Africa. Today the mandate remains very much the same, as AMID seeks to engage with various bodies on matters affecting motorcycling. The Association lobbies government on issues regarding road safety, licensing and homologation. Liaison with SANRAL some five years ago resulted in the acknowledgement that motorcycles should not be tolled in the same category as light motor vehicles and as a result the controversial Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project has made provision for motorcycles as a separate category of vehicle. While the fairness of tolling in general must still be debated, this is an important precedent which should be rolled out to the rest of the country’s toll roads.

In short, AMID exists to promote motorcycling as well as see to the well-being and sustainability of the motorcycle industry in South Africa.

We randomly demonstrate the capabilities of the Virtual Reality Headsets and previous year’s Amid Motorcycle Show to random people at the Motorcycle Show. Above you can see some of the reactions people had when they viewed the Amid Motorcycle Show in the Virtual Reality Headset.

Virtual Reality and 360° Videos are a awesome tool, for businesses that wants to market their products or services to clients!

Virtual Reality for Events

One of the best examples for the use case of virtual reality is possibly events. Events usually last only a few days and companies invest heavily into events to showcase their products at these events. Some companies literally spend millions of Rands to showcase their services and products at these events, and these events usually only last a few days and then it is gone forever.

Virtual Reality and 360° Video of the event “similar to the Amid Motorcycle Show” example allows for the event to be captured forever. This event can be archived to showcase how the event has grown from year to year, or (how people are abandoning events and rather find what they want online).

The Virtual Reality environment of the event can also become a living event, allowing people across the internet to access the event at any time, get from the event the information that they would have gotten by attending the event and the EXHIBITORS at the event can benefit twenty four seven from the investment they made by exhibiting at the event!

The “Virtual Reality” event may look like it is in competition with the actual event, but in-fact can become the most beneficial asset event companies have, and can play a important role as to why companies choose to still exhibit in a physical environment in the future!

The purpose of events in most cases is to form new business relationships, provide industry insight and to showcase and sell products. Imagine your investment can work for you long past the due date of any event where you exhibit your services or products!

Talk to us, if you are interested in adding “Virtual Reality” to your events.

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