We were commissioned to create custom Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets for Amarula. Amarula launched in a South African alcoholic industry first a virtual reality tour of Africa and Amarula showcasing the African continent’s open spaces, plentiful wildlife, beautiful people, and distinctive culture.


Amarula 360° Video -- Made from Africa

The video unlocks the story of the product and how it is truly made from Africa; from the marula trees growing wild, to the maturation houses and eventual product experience – each scene offers the consumers a step in the Amarula brand story and the Amarula process.

The Amarula Made in Africa video was created by DEEPVR, our custom branded Google Cardboard Amarula Virtual Reality Headsets was used as part of the activation. You can view the video on YouTube and on Facebook, as well as on web pages where the video is embedded.

To get the 360° video experience, you can use your mouse to move left or right, up or down, or if you are viewing it on a phone or tablet, simply move your phone up and down, left and right. To get the immersive experience you can watch the video in a virtual reality headset, and experience it as if you are there!

Custom Branded Google Cardboard

Google recently launched Google cardboard which is virtual reality headset which is made from cardboard. It works with a Smartphone to turn the cardboard into a fully functional virtual reality headset.This customisable Google cardboard viewer offers brands excellent opportunities to make it their own with their own branding. Clients can then hand out this relatively cheap virtual reality headset to their clients, providing them with a gift as well as a means to watch the clients virtual reality applications and 360° videos.


We can do the same for your company as what we did for Amarula, if you are interested in Custom Branded Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets, please contact us and we will assist you with the design and development of your own custom Virtual Reality headsets.

Google cardboard offers viewers the opportunity to experience virtual reality through the use of stereoscopic lenses in a cardboard frame.

The user’s mobile phone is placed in the cardboard viewer and the correct app activated on the phone; the user then interacts using movement of their head and a magnet on the side. We love this customisable Google cardboard as it offers a great opportunity for the end user to experience virtual reality without the expensive price tag.

Custom Branded Google Cardboard

If you want a custom branded Google Cardboard Virtual Reality headset, please feel free to contact us. We can provide Custom Branded Google Cardboard VR Headsets as well as high quality custom branded plastic virtual reality headsets which is much more durable and classy than the traditional Google Cardboard styled VR headsets.

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