360° Video and Virtual Reality Music Videos

May 7, 2016 GeraldFerreira

360° Video and Virtual Reality Music Videos


We all know how it feels to want to see your favourite Pop Band, Rock Band, Musicians or Orchestra, but either the tickets are all sold out or they simply just don’t have plans to tour to your side of town. Well… NO MORE! Put away the tissues and stop sobbing because Virtual Reality makes it all possible.

Much has been deliberated between the concepts of gaming in the Virtual Reality Industry, but have we ever considered that professional sports such as Live Football, Live Rugby, even Live Golf could be a possibility in the near future? Now just wrap your head around that for a second and let me tell you about a completely new initiative that is already here and happening.

VR has taken the world by storm! In the past few decades there have been numerous failed attempts at creating virtual reality content, but with technology changing every day and a bunch of techy brained computer fundi’s with a never say die attitude we have finally managed to make it possible to take you anywhere in the world without you actually having to go there.

Besides, the costs involved are just too high and the risks! Let’s not even talk about that.

Now imagine you can put your smartphone in to a virtual reality headset and escape the bosses bickering for an hour or two by traveling to Hawaii or even going to Paris to stand on top of the Eifel tower, well boys and girls, that day has arrived! But not only can you just escape the clutches of a dreadful day by traveling the world, but you can also watch your favourite “feel better” band playing LIVE at any time wherever, whenever and as many times as you want as if you were actually right there in that very moment.

Now you can even share your exciting experience with your friends and family without having to explain it to them over and over again and trying to force them to use their very bland and limited imagination, so instead of telling them, why not show them?

The Virtual Reality Industry is gearing up to give music fans access to their favourite concerts and artists like never before.
No medium has the potential to bring the magic of a live concert to life more than virtual reality.

Viewers will be offered a specially curated virtual reality concert performance series from today’s most popular artists that will transform how fans experience live music and performances.

Features of the immersive VR experience will include the ability to “hang out” with their favourite artists before the show, experience the intensity of walking on stage as the crowds cheer and get the best seat in the house from the beginning till the end of the performance.

Testing the boundaries of form and creative vision is what Virtual Reality is all about. VR is kind of like film and theatre, but more interactive and more immersive, and you have that tremendous opportunity of taking an artist, their music, and their whole identity, and putting it into this space. And what can you do with that? There are so many things—and not just on a visual level, but on a social level, on an economic level.

Imagine being able to journey to November 30, 1982—the day Michael Jackson’s Thriller launched—or to travel back in time and be in the studio when The Beatles or The Rolling Stones recorded their golden labels.
With VR you can even make the user a part of the music, which makes the experience more memorable and valuable.

Consumption for music in general will increase, as with VR there are no boundaries. In this age of technology when attention spans are getting shorter and multitasking is increasing, this is a rare feature which can be used to engage the audience completely.

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