The Johannesburg Motor Show Virtual Tour was originally done in 2011. In this part of the virtual tour you can view the Audi Stand. Audi participated at the Motor Show and we took the opportunity to create a 360° virtual tour of the show, which included Audi.

In 2011 Virtual Tours like these was state of the art technology, and VR 360 was one of only a handful of companies in South Africa that created virtual tours like these. The interesting thing about Virtual Reality Tours and 360° VR is that it never gets old. Even today you can pop-up your virtual reality headset and immerse yourself into the scene, and view it as if you were at the show!

To view the full Virtual Reality experience of the Johannesburg Motor Show, head over to the Johannesburg Motor Show virtual reality pages, where you can view the complete Virtual Tour and not only the Audi stand.