Virtual Reality 360° Camera Rig

The 360° Video Virtual Reality camera rig makes use of GoPro Hero 3 or GoPro Hero 4 action cameras to shoot high quality higher than 4K 360° Virtual Reality video.

The 360° Virtual Reality camera is similar to the Google Jump virtual reality camera system.

Product Name: VR3 360° Camera Rig



Price: R 9500

The Virtual Reality 360° Camera Rig system works with GoPro 3 and GoPro 4 cameras. These Cameras are not included in the rig and sold separately.


Weight0.800 kg

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We are in the digital revolution; most brands, companies and individuals are plugged into the World Wide Web.  A third of the globe is taking advantage of digital trade and technology explosions, since 2010 the numbers of visits to sites, is exponential; social trends can shut down the internet and brands can sell simultaneously to their worldwide clients. A musician releases a song and has enough views to equal the amount of living humans on the earth.

The idea of 360 immersion into content and games quickly becoming the top most sort after digital content.  Large corporations have put in place the infrastructure and technology to give virtual reality its share of owning the digital age.

VIRTUAL REALITIES is one of those digital start-ups that is carving out its on piece of the pie; our brand with 20 years in the ICT and Digital video space is growing to being a global player in the 360 immersive space. VIRTUAL REALITIES is priming itself to have digital dominance in the 360 virtual reality space by using the biggest brand tool available to us.

Through the internet and digitally supported spaces we are creating the strongest Search Engine Optimized (SEO) companies which is one of the fundamentals any digital company should be building its model on. VIRTUAL REALITIES has a wealth of experience working in the digital advertising and marketing world using this expertise the content we generate will travel to our clients.

We have a full production house which deals with the production of content from pre production to post. We also offer full IT solutions in the VR realm along with hardware development.


VIRTUAL REALTIES has worked on jobs ranging from live events to corporate videos for the likes of Old Mutual. We have done sports events and artist performances for the likes of Black Coffee and DJ Vigi’s Bang out tour.

Our future plans are to generate more content and make VR goggles that are assessable and reasonable for the masses.

We provide several professional Virtual Reality Solutions. If you are looking to film a physical location or need to create a 360° video we can assist you with that. The VR 360 company offers a one stop solution for all your Virtual Reality needs, whether you are looking for Virtual Reality Software or Virtual Reality Hardware.

VR 360 is based in Johannesburg South Africa, but we can also offer our solutions in Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria, Bloemfontein and the rest of South Africa. We have also been involved in some International VR Productions and can offer our services globally should it be needed.

Here are some of the things we specialize in:

  • 360° Video Filming and Production
  • Google Streetview photography and Virtual Tours
  • We sell Google Cardboard and custom brand Google Cardboard with your logo.
  • We sell high quality virtual reality headsets including the VR Box, VR Case, Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift.
  • Virtual Reality application development.
  • 3D Renderings and Animation
  • Video productions
  • Hosting and distributing Virtual Reality Solutions.

Major industries where we can provide Virtual Reality Solutions:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Architecture Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Education and Training
  • Fashion Industry
  • Film Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Music Industry
  • Real-estate Industry
  • Sport Industry
  • Tourism Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Other

The 3D Photographers site offers 360° Video, Google Streetview and Virtual Tour photography. The team behind 3D Photographers are skilled in creating and filming reality for virtual reality applications. They also offer businesses the opportunity to get their business listed in Google Maps via the Google Streetview application. Research by Google and independent researchers have shown that by being included into Google Local (Business) and Google Maps and having a Google Streetview of your business can dramatically increase your exposure within the search engine resulting in more potential clients seeing your business online.

Services offered by 3D Photographers:

  • Filming of 360° Video
  • Filming of 360° Google Streetview and Virtual Tours
  • Uploading your Static virtual tour to Google Streetview and Google Maps.
  • Distribution and hosting of 360° Video and Virtual Reality applications.
  • Developing VR Solutions for iPhone, Android, Windows and the Internet.
  • Virtual Reality Consulting

If you are interested in the Virtual Reality and 360° Video filming solutions offered by 3D Photographers you can visit the 3D Photographers site or contact them on 

The Virtual Tour company create Virtual Tours for you business. They specialize in filming of Virtual Tours and creating a visual realistic environment of your business on the internet. They can also publish your business into Google Maps and when people visit your Google local business page or Google maps they can view your virtual tour online. Independent statistics and Google Maps research show that businesses with a Google Streetview Virtual Tour is likely to attract more potential customers.

The Virtual Tour company can film your business in 360° Google Streetview images or 360° Video to provide you with the tools to take your business to your clients without them having to visit your premises to see what your company is all about. It is also a great way of showcasing your products and infrastructure to clients without the need for them to visit your business physically.

Services offered by Virtual Tours

  • 360° Virtual Tours and Google Streetview filming and distribution.
  • 360° Video Production
  • Virtual Reality Hardware
  • Virtual Reality Software


If you want to get involved in the Hardware side of Virtual Reality, you might want to have a look at the Virtual Reality Headsets site. The Virtual Reality Headsets site offers an affiliate program that allows businesses to sell virtual reality headsets and gear. The Virtual Reality Headsets company import VR headsets in bulk and therefore can offer dealers and affiliates exceptional prices on Virtual Reality Headsets and gear.

Virtual Reality Headsets:

Here are some images of the VR Glasses that the site sell, we recommend that you visit the site for their latest products as the products here might be outdated.

VR Case Virtual Reality Headset


The VR Case Virtual Reality Headset is made of high quality ABS Plastic. The VR Headset offers high quality adjustable optics allowing the user to completely immerse themselves into Virtual Reality.

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

google cardboard

The Google Cardboard Virtual Reality glasses is one of the cheapest VR headsets on the market. The headset is made of cardboard and have high quality optics. The Google Cardboard Version 2 is the latest VR Headset made from cardboard and ideal for people who want to experience VR without wanting to pay a small fortune for the experience.

For more information on Virtual Reality Headsets you can visit the Virtual Reality Headsets site or you can phone them on 

If you want to know more about Virtual Reality then the Virtual Reality site is a must visit. The site offers informative and insight into the world of Virtual Reality and the top trends in the industry.

The Virtual Reality company provides cutting edge solutions in Virtual Reality, 360° Video and Virtual Tours. If you are looking for a business, marketing or corporate solution they have it covered. The Virtual Reality company is considered to be one of the Pioneers in the VR in South Africa and offer cutting edge solutions.

Virtual Reality Solutions:

  • 360° Video Production including scripting, directing, application development, pr, marketing, hosting and distributing.
  • Virtual Reality Hardware like Google Cardboard and high quality VR Glasses like the VR Box, Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift.
  • Static Virtual Reality for Google Streetview and Virtual Tours.
  • Virtual Reality Consulting
  • 360° Aerial Photography, 360° Aerial Video and Virtual Reality Solutions.
  • Virtual Reality Marketing Solutions
  • Application Development
  • Hosting of 360° Virtual Reality Solutions
  • Distributing Virtual Reality solutions.
  • Virtual Reality News, PR and Marketing.
  • Full VR Productions.

Virtual Reality offers VR Solutions to the following industries:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Architecture Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Education and Training
  • Fashion Industry
  • Film Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Music Industry
  • Real-estate Industry
  • Sport Industry
  • Tourism Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Other

Above is some of the main industries where they offer Virtual Reality solutions however they can also provide custom solutions to companies that does not fall in the above industries.