Isuzu KB Half Cab Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours are a perfect online selling tool, it gives online shoppers the ability to experience products similar to what they will in real life. check out this example of the Isuzu KB Single Cab, Feels so real you can almost smell it!.


Static 360° Virtual Tour of the Isuzu KB Half Cab.

(Click and hold down the left mouse button on the 360° Virtual Tour above, and move left or right to interact with the Isuzu KB Half Cab pick-up)

Virtual Tours is something which is already changing the way people view dealerships and online car sales and will give Online Sales the competitive edge over your competitors.

Advantages of 360° Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality

  • Virtual Reality is a perfect tool to give the online shopper a realistic experience of any site, location or object rather than taking the time out of their busy schedule to drive around looking for something that might have no interest to them.
  • A visitor can now have a full 360° view of any vehicle inside or out, without leaving the comfort of their home.

More Advantages of 360° Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Headset provides even more realistic interaction

virtual-reality-headset Learn more about the Virtual Reality Headset

  • Recent innovation in Virtual Reality enables people to interact even more realistically with Products like the Isuzu KB Double Cab pick-up. Users can now use the Virtual Reality headset to view the interior of the Isuzu KB Double Cab using Motion. (You physically look up, down, left or right, and by turning around you can see the inside of the cab literally 360° all round).
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