We assisted Neotel and the 3D Design group of companies with a Virtual Reality Activation at the "My broadband conference 2016" which were held on the 20th of October 2016 at the Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg South Africa.

VR 360 provided 4 All-in-one virtual reality headsets on the stand which allowed people to view the Neotel "Making Business Faster" campaign and allowed people to get immersed into the experience of "Doing Business Faster".


Virtual Reality Events Activations

Virtual Reality Event activation is a awesome way to transport someone from your event to a physical location, or an imaginary location. With the Neotel Activation we assisted Neotel to transport there clients to a quick paced ride along the highway towards the Neotel buildings. The concept behind the activation was to demonstrate to clients the pace of business needed to stay ahead in today competitive business environment!


Virtual Reality Equipment for hire in South Africa

Whether your business is selling "Big" products or "Small" Products, Telecommunication Solutions, Property or non tangible products we can help you bring these products to your clients in the most realistic way. We assist companies to capture their products digitally into a 3D Virtual Reality environment. This enables them to take their products no matter the size anywhere.

We have an extensive range of Virtual Reality Headsets for hire, and can help you with your virtual reality activation anywhere. If you are looking for Virtual Reality Headsets for hire, or ideas on how to use Virtual Reality in your own activation's, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly help you take your concepts/products and services from reality to virtual reality.

The Neotel 360° Virtual Reality Video

The above video is a 360° Video, this means that you can look up, down, left or rights, and look where you want to view!


If you are looking for a Virtual Reality or 360° Video solution for your company, do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly assist!

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