360° Videos - When Friends Steal Your Jokes

Here is one of the latest trending 360° videos posted on YouTube. The "When friends steal your jokes" 360° video allows you to immerse yourself into the comedy if you pop it into your Virtual Reality headset. Videos like this one is going to become more common and brings a total new dimension of comedy to users. I think it is awesome and the potential of 360° videos great. Once film makers get the handle on 360° video production I believe it is going to change the way we entertain ourselves forever.

Watch the When Friends Steal Your Jokes with your Virtual Reality Headset

In some rare cases the When Friends Steal Your Jokes might not show the 360° video effect and the VR option on our website. If it not showing try viewing it directly on YouTube by clicking on the YouTube image below
youtube You can also scan the QR Code with your phone to access the 360° video direct on your smartphone. [qrcode content="https://youtu.be/QCPdUHNSVU0?list=PLU8wpH_LfhmvMokgsfQtiHNsP96bU7cnr" size="250" alt="ALT_TEXT" class="CLASS_NAME"]

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